Maharishi Vedic City

Maharishi Vedic City

Minutes of a City Council Meeting

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 7:00 PM

City Hall, 1750 Maharishi Center Avenue

Present: Mayor Rogers Badgett, Councilmembers Chris Johnson, Steve Boss, Kara Anastasio, Leslee Goldstein, (In person and by Zoom as it was impractical for all to attend in person due to the on-going concern by the council for COVID-19.)

Absent: Marty Hulsebos

Present in Addition: Loraine Przybylski

Mayor Badgett called the meeting to order.

  1. Silence—Three minutes of silence was taken.
  2. Public Comments—None.
  3. Minutes—Anastasio moved, Boss seconded, to approve minutes from a meeting held on December 28, 2022; Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none.
  4. Receipts and Claims—Anastasio moved, Goldstein seconded, to approve the report. Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none.
  5. Consider Approving LL Pelling 2023 Sealcoat Rates—Council did not vote on the increased rates and decided to request bids for road maintenance when the work is ready to be completed.
  6. Discuss 2023 ICAP Insurance Quote—Council discussed insurance rates increase and requested that the City Clerk solicit quotes from additional insurance companies.
  7. Update on Public Water Supply for North and South Pandit Campus—Council discussed water supply to Pandit Campus and City request for meeting with Wapello Rural Water Association.
  8. Consider Approving up to $2,500 for Steve Boss to Engage City Attorney on Public Water Supply Matters—Anastasio moved, Johnson seconded, to approve up to $2,500 for Steve Boss to engage city attorney on public water supply matters. Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none.
  9. Discuss North and South Pandit Campus Sewer Invoicing—Sewer invoicing for the north and south Pandit Campus will remain the same, with one invoice to Maharishi Foundation.
  10. Discuss Recruiting City Accountant—Council discussed the need for accounting support for the City. Ms. Anastasio will contact resident and accountant Margie Wood to see if she is interested.
  11. VICE Media Documentary Series “Make Me Happy” —The City Clerk reported on invitation to City to be part of a documentary series “Make Me Happy” and Council discussed.
  12. Consider Approving 2023 Jyotish Consultation—Anastasio moved, Goldstein seconded, to approve 2023 Jyotish Consultation. Ayes: Johnson, Boss, Anastasio, Goldstein; Nays: none.
  13. Other Committee Reports:
  14. Community and Economic Development Committee: State Bill Prohibiting Local Government Regulation of Building Design Elements— Boss reported on State Bill SF43 prohibiting local government regulation of building design elements and Council discussed. Mr. Johnson and Ms. Anastasio agreed to request a meeting with State Senator Adrian Dickey to discuss the bill.
  15. Other Business—Ms. Goldstein reported on the opening of City Hall for programs and events. Ms. Anastasio addressed the allocation of time on Council agenda to allow for public comments. City of Fairfield will be contacted for input.

Mayor Badgett adjourned the meeting.

Rogers Badgett, Mayor

Loraine Przybylski, City Clerk